Getting the copper's bike ready Fitting massive Strat in Chev
Test cruisng Chev with big Strat Chris & Copper with ladder
Getting photographer in position At last a lucky break in traffic
Getting copper's bike under Chev Copper gets in position
Fixing bollocks plate on Chev Nearly done, Chris ready in Chev
Nearly ready, lucky gap in traffic No cops yet, let's get it done

Romford traffic building up Who's the prat with the hat?
Even the Beatles Abbey Road crossing photo can't top this !!!!
The old girls think it's for real The prat with the hat again...

Chris nicked, no escape this time A Chris Black fan to the rescue
Blame it on the DUTCH Chris gives false name to police
Chris says MARIJN owns the Chev MARIJN deported back to Holland
Congratulations on lucky escape Mark asks who Dutch geezer was
Chris meets Mark's mom Gloria Gloria's a rock chick from the 30's
Chris watsed no time celebrating What a Chevy boot is used for
High Noon in Romford Street Chris tries to break FREE
Chris Black gets a severe BOLLOCKING from a jealous FAN
Copper played by Dave Johnson All for just a CD COVER !!!!
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