Title: Crazy Man Crazy
Year: 2007
  1. Teddy Girl From Hell
  2. You Silly Cow
  3. Let It Rip
  4. The Bristol Shake
  5. The World's Biggest Prat
  6. The Rocking Prat Brothers (watch at YouTube)
  7. Pantomime Horse
  8. Big Red Boppers
  9. Teddy Boys Beano
  10. Don't Take My Chevrolet (watch at YouTube)
  11. Teddy Boys Jiggy Jig
  12. Smoke The Joint
  13. March Of The Teds
  14. Big Dick
  15. Room For One
  16. Teddy Boys Stomp
  17. A Copper Comes A Cropper
  18. Alvin Piecrust Lament Sad Jingle
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